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God's Word has changed my life in many ways.

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From the Executive Director – Mr. Bob Wasser

Greetings in the Name of our Risen Lord!

God, indeed, has placed every Mom and Dad in a unique position as we raise our children. Martin Luther's explanation of the Fourth Commandment says it well: "To his estate of fatherhood and motherhood, God has given the special distinction above all estates that are beneath it that He not simply commands us to love our parents, but to honor them. For with respect to brothers, sisters, and our neighbors in general, He commands nothing higher than that we love them, so that He separates and distinguishes father and mother above all other persons upon earth, and places them at His side. For it is a far higher thing to honor than to love one. We must, therefore, impress it upon the young that they should regard their parents as in God's stead, and remember that however lowly, poor, frail, and queer they may be, nevertheless they are father and mother given them by God. They are not to be deprived of their h onor because of their conduct or their failings."

What a beautiful message that Luther gives to us, the parents, and to the children in explaining the position and role of parents and children in the Lord's eternal plan.

As Executive Director and a Founding Family of Calvary Academy, I look forward to working with you as we do the Lord's work in bringing back His lost little lambs. It is God the Holy Spirit working through the Word and Sacraments that brings about a lasting change in our hearts.

Please feel free to give me a call any time during your child's stay at the Academy. I am looking forward, with great humility, to working with your special blessing and gift from God, your child.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Calvary Academy-Florida is to offer a Christ-centered ministry of assistance to families who are faced with children who are experiencing behavioral difficulties.

Latest Update:

Student applications are now being accepted for immediate placement at Calvary Academy-Florida.  (See Enrollment Procedure)


Take Florida State Highway 37 to Bethlehem Road. Turn onto Bethlehem and follow the road to Calvary.

Calvary Academy-Florida is a member of the Florida Association of Christian Child Care Agencies (FACCCA) and the Association of Christian Children’s Ministries International (ACCMI).