Calvary Academy Foundation is a non-profit Foundation, financially encouraging families with children in crisis. Calvary Academy Foundation will provide funding directly to Calvary Academy, a Christian boarding school located in Mulberry, FL.

Calvary Academy Foundation recognizes the importance of the family, acknowledging that no true healing or reconciliation can occur without the complete immersion of grace in our Lord Jesus Christ. This statement alone separates Calvary Academy Foundation from other non-profit Foundations as it places Christ as the head, in sharing the Gospel message to our lost little lambs who strayed, bringing them peace, reconciliation with their families, absolution of sins, and the blessed hope of life eternal.



Each gift to Calvary Academy Foundation will provide an on-going trust, year after year, to assist families and children by maintaining the work at Calvary Academy. This is an important labor of faith, a gift of charity, in supporting other families during times of emotional and spiritual crossroads.

No family adequately prepares for the financial burden, emotional stress, sibling separation, and spiritual coercion of a rebellious juvenile. Your gift of charity will reach out and help family after family, child after child, with the financial burdens brought on by the sinful nature of mankind, the old Adam, the flesh.

Your contribution will counter the negative influence of gang ideology, bring a degree of excellence to education, improve the quality of employment, strengthen the social structure of the community, and assist the Lord's church on earth.

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